//Top 5 Fun and Educational Spring Activities for Kids

Top 5 Fun and Educational Spring Activities for Kids

Spring is possibly the happiest season for kids next to summer. While you can have your child join a summer camp such as the ones we offer here at Brightside Academy Ohio during summer, what’s there for them to do while they wait for the bright, sunny days? If your children are enrolled in any of our programs, they won’t run out of fun and educational things to do! But how about during weekends and breaks? What if they aren’t enrolled yet? Well, we still got you covered! Check out these fun and educational spring activities for kids that you can facilitate for your child, especially as you stay at home due to COVID-19.

1. Flower Matching Activity

Spring means blooms are all around. You can take spring inside your home by making cute little flower cutouts together with your little one. To make it more educational, you can put pairs of letters and numbers on the flowers, then have your child match them together. You can also make it more challenging by initiating a memory game.

2. Garden Observation Activity

If you’re allowed to go out, go to the nearest park or garden. Ask your child to observe. Get them to count the flowers they find. Ask them to identify the colors they see. You can also ask them to describe what they saw in the garden–are the flowers and leaves big or small?

3. Park or Garden Drawing Activity

Take drawing and coloring materials with you when you go to the park or garden if you can. While there, sit down somewhere safe and cool. Then, encourage your child to draw what they see. You can also draw your own painting to inspire your little one to do the same.

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4. Spring-Themed Clay Forming Activity

At home, you can grab some clay or play dough and ask your child to form spring-themed models. It can be flowers, birds, or caterpillars–the sky’s the limit!

5. Planting

If you yourself love planting, you can also have your child do it with you! The different textures they will feel and touch while planting will help with their sensory development. At the same time, you can teach them about taking care of the environment.

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We hope you have fun with these spring activities for kids!

There you have it! The Brightside Academy Ohio team hopes these spring-themed activities will let you and your kids enjoy and learn together. Come summer, you can try these 5 summer activities for parents and kids. Better yet, enroll your child in our summer camp!

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