Infant Skills Development: What Milestones Should Parents Watch Out For

For parents and guardians, it’s always exciting to wait and watch our children develop and exhibit new skills. These infant milestones include smiling for the first time, turning over on their stomach, sitting on their own, and of course, saying “mama” and “dada.” However, you might be wondering what infant skills should your baby really develop and show? In this post, Brightside Academy Ohio, trusted provider of infant daycare, shares the milestones you should watch out for.   Infant Skills They’ll Develop in the First Month During the first month [...]

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Teacher Appreciation Week 2021: Simple Ways to #ThankATeacher

This year has posed a challenge to each of us. The education sector is one of the sectors most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Here at Brightside Academy Ohio, we recognize that in between online virtual classes and in-center daycare and sessions, our teachers also have personal lives. However, despite the daily challenges and struggles, our teachers continue to provide the best education and care possible. This, among other things, are reason enough to make sure that our teachers know they are appreciated. May 3 to 7, 2021 is the [...]

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Ohio Teacher Preparation Training Program: Launch Your Preschool Teaching Career at Brightside Academy!

Have you been planning to enter a career in daycare or preschool? Do you think you embody the signs you should be a preschool teacher? You’ve come to the right place! Brightside Academy Ohio is the perfect place to jumpstart your early childhood education career and complete your requirements for becoming an early childhood teacher in Ohio. We offer a comprehensive Ohio teacher preparation training program for every aspiring teacher, with or without prior early childhood education experience! Brightside Academy Ohio Teacher Preparation Program*: What’s in Store for You As [...]

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How to Find Childcare for Infants Near You: Tips for Parents

Most working parents only have two options to choose from when looking for childcare for their babies: daycare or babysitter. While both options offer pros and cons, daycare can prove more beneficial if you want to support your child’s development. Now, if you’ve already decided that daycare is the right choice for your family, the next step is to find one. In today’s blog post, Brightside Academy Ohio shares some tips on how to find childcare for infants. 1. Do some research. Your hunt for the best child care center [...]

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Teaching Kindergarten Online is Hard – How to Make it Easier

Being a preschool teacher is already a challenge in itself. This is why you need to possess some qualities to become one. Now, teaching preschool or kindergarten is one thing -- teaching kindergarten online can prove to be a whole new ball game. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced all of us -- teachers, parents, and students -- to adapt to changes in the education system very quickly. Distance education, which entails online or virtual learning, has been recommended to ensure the safety of the kids. As a leading learning center [...]

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Top 5 Fun and Educational Spring Activities for Kids

Spring is possibly the happiest season for kids next to summer. While you can have your child join a summer camp such as the ones we offer here at Brightside Academy Ohio during summer, what’s there for them to do while they wait for the bright, sunny days? If your children are enrolled in any of our programs, they won’t run out of fun and educational things to do! But how about during weekends and breaks? What if they aren’t enrolled yet? Well, we still got you covered! Check out [...]

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Planning to Enter a Career in Daycare? Here’s What You Should Know

If you adore kids and you’re considering a career in daycare, you probably have a lot of questions -- and that’s a good thing! Child care may seem simple, but there are actually a number of things you should know and consider before you get into this business. Aside from the genuine passion and love for kids, you should meet certain qualifications depending on the type of daycare and/or early childhood education career you wish to pursue. This is why asking questions such as “do I need a license to [...]

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6 Signs You Should Be a Preschool Teacher

Do you find yourself attached to kids? Can interact with them naturally without becoming impatient? Are you passionate about helping them learn and grow into wonderful members of society? In all, do you love kids even though they’re not your own? If you answered yes to these, you have such a great gift! Honestly, not everyone can put up with children unless they’re theirs. So, if you have an innate passion for kids, you should consider a career in childcare and early childhood education, and enjoy the benefits of being [...]

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Daycare vs. Babysitting: Why Early Learning is More Than Babysitting

When you hear the word “daycare,” what initially comes to mind? Unfortunately, some think it’s synonymous with babysitting. However, daycare is not babysitting. In this post, Brightside Academy Ohio takes a closer look at the reasons why daycare is different from simple babysitting. Ultimately, we want to make the case for why you should choose an Ohio daycare over babysitting if you want your child to make the most of their formative years. Daycare vs. Babysitting In a daycare setting, your child is not only provided with care during the [...]

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Top 3 Skills to Equip Your Toddler to Prepare Them for Big School

If you’re like most parents, you’re probably feeling a bit anxious about sending your toddler to big school. However, this is inevitable. The best that you can do is make sure your toddler is prepared for the new environment that he or she will soon enter. In this blog post, Brightside Academy Ohio shares the essential life skills for toddlers that you can help instill in your child to prepare them for school. 1. Following Instructions Your toddler should be able to listen to simple instructions and follow them by [...]

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