Why Being a Childcare Teacher is Fun and Rewarding at Brightside Ohio

As Mahatma Gandhi's wise words echo through: "If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children."Infant teachers, childcare teachers, or preschool teachers are some of the most influential persons in children's lives. Childcare is a very challenging task but fulfilling in so many ways. This we recognize, which is why we at Brightside are constantly in search of competent teachers who are as passionate as we are. If you [...]

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Understanding Disorganized Attachment Style and How to Heal From It

There are four known attachment styles that describe how people are in relationships. They are formed mostly because of childhood experiences, upbringing, or relationships with parents or primary caregivers. These attachment styles influence an individual's personality, behavior, and how they deal with other people during adulthood. May it be people at work, family, friends, and even romantic relationships. Today, we will talk about the disorganized attachment style. 4 Types of Attachment Styles Before anything else, we’ll talk about the four attachment styles and their examples. By reading this, you may [...]

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Hostile and Instrumental Aggression: Causes and Prevention

Let’s understand aggression more by looking into its meaning and types: Hostile Aggression and Instrumental Aggression. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, approximately 3% to 7% of children and adolescents manifest signs of aggression. The word aggression is familiar to us.  We say people are aggressive once they yell at or hit other people when their emotions trigger them.  Some may show hostile aggression, others instrumental aggression. But do you call the acts that are causing harm to players during a wild game or soldiers defending themselves by killing [...]

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Sleep Aid for Kids: A Closer Look

Every child needs proper sleep for overall development. Toddlers, in particular, have recommended sleep durations that can be used as guidelines to determine if they are sleeping normally. But for the 15% to 25% of children with sleep difficulties, getting enough rest can feel daunting. For this reason, many parents have turned to melatonin and other sleep aids as a solution. But do sleep aids work? And are they safe for your kids? In this article, we’ll take a look at the common sleep aids, and if they are effective [...]

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Racism Definition for Kids: How to Explain this Issue to Your Child

Some people think that racism only happens when you act mean to someone. But there are other ways, too. While the concept is the same, racism definition for kids is a little complicated. Your children should know its different faces. So, they know and learn how to be compassionate with other people, despite the differences in race, color, gender, or culture. Let’s discuss this old-age conflict between people, and how you can explain it to your kids. Age-Appropriate Definition of Racism This is the belief that some people are more [...]

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When Do Toddlers Stop Napping: Should You Be Happy or Worried When They Do?

Toddler Naps Explained In Detail and Other Important Facts   When do toddlers stop napping? You know children should get enough rest time through nap times and a long night’s sleep.   You know that sleeping is the best way to help them grow physically, emotionally, and mentally. So, when they stop napping, you get worried.   Napping is an essential part not only of your toddler’s life but also yours.  This napping is the way for your child to replenish lost energy from too much playing and the body’s [...]

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Can Babies Have Nightmares?

Can babies have nightmares?  Babies cry a lot. This crying is their way of sending us messages that they would instead have said if they could already speak.  But when they cry in the middle of the night while already sleeping, it's a different story. It freaks us out more if they don't stop crying after checking that they are not sick or anything that could cause them to act that way. According to a study by Harriet Hiscock and Margot J. Davey, "Sleep Disorders in Infants and Children" in [...]

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How to Motivate a Child Who Doesn’t Care

If you recently enrolled your son or daughter in an early childhood school, you might have noticed by now that there are instances when they are unmotivated to go to school. Many parents seek our advice on how to motivate a child, especially when it comes to their studies. Before you can actually succeed in motivating your child, let us first discuss and define motivation. Understanding Motivation To be able to understand why a child acts as he/she does and how we can help a child, we need to understand [...]

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#FightForStepUp: What You Should Know About Step Up to Quality and Its Importance

Since Brightside Academy Ohio first opened its doors in 2001, we’ve already committed ourselves to providing the best quality child care and early childhood education possible. We make this possible through a number of ways, including working hard to improve our Step Up to Quality ratings. To date, our Ohio daycare locations have 3- to 4-star Step Up to Quality ratings. Back in 1999, the state of Ohio began its effort to make sure that kids have access to high-quality yet affordable and certified child care and early education. This [...]

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Job Types in a Daycare: What Are the Daycare Positions You Can Apply To

Childcare workers are individuals and professionals who attend to children’s needs and at the same time, foster early childhood learning and development. It’s safe to say that as long as there are children and their parents and guardians go out to make a living or study to advance their careers, there will always be a need for childcare workers. If you are planning to enter a career in daycare, you’re lucky! There are actually a number of daycare positions you can apply to. In fact, the US Bureau of Labor [...]

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