//Top 3 Skills to Equip Your Toddler to Prepare Them for Big School

Top 3 Skills to Equip Your Toddler to Prepare Them for Big School

If you’re like most parents, you’re probably feeling a bit anxious about sending your toddler to big school. However, this is inevitable. The best that you can do is make sure your toddler is prepared for the new environment that he or she will soon enter. In this blog post, Brightside Academy Ohio shares the essential life skills for toddlers that you can help instill in your child to prepare them for school.

1. Following Instructions

Your toddler should be able to listen to simple instructions and follow them by the time they start school. It’s ideal that you train your toddler to understand two- to three-part instructions. This will help them keep up with their class.

You can train your child to follow a series of instructions through easy drills at home. For example, you can instruct them to pick up their toys and keep them — that’s already a two-part instruction. A three-part instruction, on the other hand, will look like this: “wash your hands, sit down, and drink your milk.”

2. Telling Adults What They Need

Another skill your toddler must learn is how to confidently tell their teachers what they need. This will help ensure that they are able to communicate their thoughts and feelings. It will also help them feel comfortable while at school.


The best way to impart this skill to your child is by encouraging them to tell you what they want and need, preferably in complete sentences of around five words. For example, instead of saying “water,” tell them to say, “Can I have some water, please?” You should also remind them to say what they are feeling. For instance, if they’re hurt, encourage them to specify which body part hurts: “my tummy hurts.”

3. Sharing With Others

Teaching your child to share with others will help them enjoy school more as they are likely to have more friends. This will also train them to get along with others, especially when they need to finish tasks with teammates.

At home, you can gradually teach your child to become familiar with taking turns and sharing by playing simple board games. If you have other kids, you can also encourage them to share things such as toys and food with each other.


Brightside Academy Ohio Hones Life Skills for Toddlers

Here at Brightside Academy Ohio, our programs are designed to teach your kids the skills they need for life. We help you instill in your child things that they should improve on during preschool. If you want your little ones to be prepared for the big school ahead, enroll them in our toddler program now. You can also schedule a tour of any of our Ohio daycare centers.

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