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See How Brightside Can Give Your Child a Head Start

The Best Daycare, Child Care & Preschool in Toledo

The Brightside Learning Academy got its start in Cleveland in the winter of 2001. Since then, we have made it our mission to bring early childhood education opportunities to the communities of Ohio. We’re proud to now offer our child care and preschool services through our child care centers in Toledo, Ohio located in City Park, Lagrange, and Woodville.


When You Enroll Your Child in a Brightside Day Care in Toledo, Ohio, They Receive:

Care focused on their overall well being
A focus on integrated learning and purposeful play
Activities that are fun as well as mentally challenging
Improvement on motor and life skills
A head start and extra help with schoolwork

Preparing Children for Success in Kindergarten

Being chosen as one of two Lucas County Head Start providers in 2014 allowed us to dramatically expand the services offered to the city’s children and families, including the availability of a full-day option and a year-round program with service in the summer months

We provide an integrated Head Start services approach. Early Head Start is available to children ages zero to three-years-old and Head Start is available for children from ages three to five. We are conveniently located with academies in Polish Village, the Eastside, and Central City.

Lagrange – 2300 Lagrange St. (43608) | 419-243-3046 | 8:30am - 3:00pm

Woodville – 545 Woodville Rd. (43605) | 419-698-8556 | 8:30am - 3:00pm

City Park – 1218 City Park Ave. (43604) | 419-243-5286 | 8:30am  - 3:00pm

Contact the Toledo Enrollment Specialist, Kim Haney at 419-277-5532. You may also ask us about Brightside Academy Ohio’s child care centers hiring and training opportunities.

Providing Lucas County Families the Support They Need

Our staff provides Lucas County children comprehensive educational for children ages birth through five. Our programs are designed to increase school readiness for children and provide families opportunities to help children reach full potential. Children are provided with education, nutrition, medical, mental health, and dental services.  

Our team provides coordinated care to families of children with chronic health conditions or who have special needs. They work together with families to stabilize children’s health as well as align home and school support for children with Individual Education Plans (IEP’s) or challenging behaviors. More intensive support is provided to families facing significant challenges, such as domestic violence, depression, or substance abuse. This helps to reduce the potential negative consequences that these circumstances can have on children’s healthy development and school success. 

Advocates build social capital among our program’s families. This creates opportunities for shared family life practice and self-sufficiency goal achievement, leadership, and advocacy.  

Each family receives at least two home visits and two parent-teacher conferences. 

Eligibility is based on income guidelines; however, we encourage all families to apply to our program.  As an Early Head Start and Head Start program, we will consider each family’s unique circumstances.  Our dedicated team will work to support families with finding the highest quality educational opportunities for their children.  

Head Start has a life-changing impact on families and the community. We are excited to make a difference for the children and families served by the Head Start program in Lucas County. Together, we can make amazing things happen for each child we serve. 

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