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Child Care, Day Care & Preschool in Toledo, Ohio

Preparing Children for Success in Kindergarten

Being chosen as one of two Lucas County Head Start providers for Toledo in 2014 allowed us to dramatically expand the services offered to the city’s children and families, including the availability of a full-day option and a year-round program with service in the summer months.

We provide an integrated Head Start services approach. Early Head Start is available to children ages zero to three-years-old and Head Start is available for children from ages three to five. We are conveniently located with academies in Polish Village, the Eastside, and Central City.

  • Lagrange – 2300 Lagrange St. (43608) | 419-243-3046 |  8:30am -3:30pm

  • Woodville – 545 Woodville Rd. (43605) | 419-698-8556 | 8:30am -3:30pm

  • City Park – 1218 City Park Ave. (43604) | 419-243-5286 | 8:30am -3:30pm

Providing Lucas County Families the Support They Need

Our staff provides Lucas County families with targeted types of support. Health and Disabilities Advocates provide coordinated care to families of children with chronic health conditions or who have special needs. They work together with families to stabilize children’s health as well as align home and school support for children with Individual Education Plans (IEP’s) or challenging behaviors.

Social workers, with higher levels of clinical expertise, provide more intensive support to families facing significant challenges, such as domestic violence, depression, or substance abuse. This helps to reduce the potential negative consequences that these circumstances can have on children’s healthy development and school success.

Family Engagement Advocates build social capital among our program’s more stable families. This creates opportunities for shared family life practice and self-sufficiency goal achievement, leadership, and advocacy.

Head Start has a life-changing impact on families and the community. We are excited to make a difference for the children and families served by the Head Start program in Lucas County. Together, we can make amazing things happen for each child we serve.