//Teacher Appreciation Week 2021: Simple Ways to #ThankATeacher

Teacher Appreciation Week 2021: Simple Ways to #ThankATeacher

This year has posed a challenge to each of us. The education sector is one of the sectors most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Here at Brightside Academy Ohio, we recognize that in between online virtual classes and in-center daycare and sessions, our teachers also have personal lives. However, despite the daily challenges and struggles, our teachers continue to provide the best education and care possible. This, among other things, are reason enough to make sure that our teachers know they are appreciated. May 3 to 7, 2021 is the country’s Teacher Appreciation Week–and we’d like to take this opportunity to show our teachers how much we appreciate them!


In today’s blog, we share some tips how we can #ThankATeacher in simple yet powerful ways.


Give Them a Hand-Drawn Picture or Print

Teachers guide and teach children to create things. At Brightside Academy Ohio, we train our kids from infancy to grade school to be creative, guiding them in using their imagination. This is why we know teachers will love it if they receive a hand-drawn picture or handmade print that exhibits their students’ creativity!


Volunteer or Help in Class or School Activities

An offer to help or volunteer is always welcome and will be music to your favorite teacher’s ears! Alternatively, for parents and organizations, this can be done by giving referrals or becoming an ambassador. Brightside Academy Ohio also holds events and activities where you can ask to volunteer.


Write a Simple Thank-You Note

If you want to #ThankATeacher, the simplest way to do that is probably to write a thank-you note. You can ask your child to write the note or write it with them. You can give this thank-you note along with the hand-made print!


Just Simply Say, “Thank You” Whenever You Can

Can’t write a note? No problem! You can simply call or drop them a “thank you” message online! We understand that you’re also busy, but we will definitely appreciate it if you can squeeze in leaving us a short thank-you message. A heartfelt review that we can add to our collection of parent testimonials will be great, too!


Indeed, it doesn’t take much to show a teacher how much you appreciate their hard work. So, send that “thank you” and it will surely brighten up our teachers’ day! Got something you’d like us to hear? Leave us a message or call us at (216) 777-3505!

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