Brightside Academy Ohio’s Summer Camp 2022
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Let Your Child Have Fun While Learning at Our Ohio Summer Camps!

The Brightside Academy offers engaging summer camps in Ohio for school-aged children from June through August. Our summer camp program provides a variety of hands-on experiences that encourage critical thinking, problem solving, innovation, creativity, and collaboration. Enriching teacher-led projects stimulate child discovery through small and large group activities.

Ohio Summer Camps | Summer Camps in Ohio | Brightside Academy Ohio

When Your Child Joins Our Summer Camp Calendar, They Receive:

Early educational activities...
Fun activities that stimulate critical thinking and social interaction
A focus on life skills as well as education
Caring teachers, who monitor your child’s progress throughout the day

Brightside Summer Camps For All Children

As a leading provider of high-quality Ohio child care, Brightside Academy Ohio ensures that our methods and philosophies on teaching and child care extend year-round. That means helping to pick up the slack for busy parents in the summertime, giving their children a safe place to learn, grow, and have a whole lot of fun. With the Brightside Academies in Northern Ohio, your child will be treated like an individual and cared for by a team of child care professionals guided by proven methods.

Our summer camp programs offer inclusive programs that give your child the chance to learn in a fun environment and to stay active and socialize throughout the summer. The Brightside Academy offers parents of Cleveland, Akron, Columbus, and Toledo an environment where they know their children’s physical, mental, and developmental well-being are all being taken into account with integrated learning and age appropriate activities.

Ohio Summer Camps | Summer Camps in Ohio | Brightside Academy Ohio

Our Philosophy During Summer Camp

At the Brightside Academy, we want your child to grow into being a lifelong learner. We provide an environment that is safe and supportive, promoting development along the way with recognized programs, methods and curriculums, such as, The Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers, & Two’s, the 21st Century Philosophy of Learning, and our own Steps for Success program.

When it comes to summer school, we use everything we know about developmental stages, current and effective teaching methods, and what the children are learning in their school in order to create an environment that is fun and effective for both personal and academic growth.

Continuing Early Education for Toddlers and Infants Throughout the Summer

Your child’s development doesn’t stop with the end of the school year, and neither does the Brightside Academy. Our regular child care services run throughout the year, and children who are in our regular preschool, toddler, and infant classes can make a smooth transition into summer school. Just let your local director know you want your child to participate in summer camp as well and we’ll get you started!

What We Build On in Preschool

Ohio Summer Camps | Summer Camps in Ohio | Brightside Academy Ohio

Motor Skills 

Ohio Summer Camps | Summer Camps in Ohio | Brightside Academy Ohio


Ohio Summer Camps | Summer Camps in Ohio | Brightside Academy Ohio

Physical Health

Ohio Summer Camps | Summer Camps in Ohio | Brightside Academy Ohio

Mental Health
& Confidence

Our Preschool Age Summer Camp Curriculum

At the Brightside Academies, our main focus is on helping children grow into confident and well-rounded people who can handle not only academics, but the challenges of everyday life as well. For toddlers, children of preschool age, or those still in infancy, this means working on the basics first. That means motor skills, language development, and critical thinking among other things. These skills will be built on with a range of activities and resources, most of which won’t seem all that academic in nature, as it helps children to grasp motor skills, language, and more of the cause and effect relationships between themselves and the world around them before they start to learn in the structured manner of classrooms and formulas.

While this may seem like a lot for a toddler or preschooler to accomplish, it’s really just about giving them the tools, resources, and freedom to do so. A myriad of activities, some that are purely fun and some that build practical life skills, will help your child learn control of their motor skills. These activities and free play time will also help the child build their critical thinking skills, as children interact with items and concepts they never have before. Through play and activities, your child is enabled to test and observe the world around them, developing the areas they’ll need for more serious problem solving and creative thinking in the future. As your child moves through their day, they’ll interact with teachers and other students, helping them build language and social skills.

Some of the points we address from infancy to age 5:

Building adequate or above-average motor skills
Setting the foundation for good physical health by encouraging healthy choices and setting a positive attitude towards healthy foods
Setting the foundation for good mental health by encouraging positive communication, acceptance of oneself, emotional regulation, cultivating interests, and more
Giving children enough freedom and resources to explore their surroundings without excessive structure, as this limits their opportunities to think independently and understand concepts outside the structure
Beginning to approach school-age academics around the age of four

School Aged Children and Summer Camp

For much of the year, the Brightside Academy caters to toddlers and infants during the school day, but during the summer months, our academies start to fill with students that are excited to see their friends, play, and learn while their parents go off to put food on the table. We offer a great opportunity for parents to provide their children with uninterrupted growth in an environment that the child will feel welcome in and with activities that they will hardly think of as work.

Brightside’s Emphasis for School-Aged Children

Ohio Summer Camps | Summer Camps in Ohio | Brightside Academy Ohio

Social & Mental Health

Ohio Summer Camps | Summer Camps in Ohio | Brightside Academy Ohio

Language & Literacy

Ohio Summer Camps | Summer Camps in Ohio | Brightside Academy Ohio

Critical Thinking

Ohio Summer Camps | Summer Camps in Ohio | Brightside Academy Ohio

Healthy Living

Our School-Age Curriculum

Our school-age curriculum is one that places a special emphasis on building character, communication, and social skills in addition to reinforcing academics and how to live a physically healthy life. While schools obviously cover academics and a few aspects of physical health, we do our best to provide additional support and fill in pieces that children may be missing. 

Where traditional classrooms can suffer, in comparison to something like Brightside’s summer camp program, is their lack of focus on the individual and issues of mental and social well-being. Through inclusive classrooms, purposeful play, and meaningful activities and games, we’ll help your child acknowledge the feelings of themselves and others, recognize why they happen, and process them so they can approach the same or similar situations better in the future, all while providing resources and activities that reinforce both academics and living a physically healthy lifestyle.

Some of the points we address most with our school age curriculum include:

Expanding social skills and developing positive attitudes towards learning – We focus strongly on character building, social and emotional development, and peer relationships that allow for a healthy environment. Ample and various opportunities help children work together, problem solve, negotiate, and more.
Building language and literacy – We provide ample opportunities to communicate in new ways and materials to support your child’s reading and writing development.
Empowering their thinking – Both creative and critical thinking are encouraged by the activities, materials, and environments that we provide. Children are given tasks and the opportunity to engage with the things and people around them. Given enough support, their brain and curiosity will help carry through with the rest.

Developing a healthy body – While your child is enrolled at our summer camp in Toledo, Columbus, Akron, or Cleveland, we’ll provide them with ample opportunities to get the nutrition and exercise they need, but beyond that, we also do our best to teach children how to live in a healthy manner and why it matters for both their body and mind.

What Our Program and Summer Camp Have to Offer

Summer is a very exciting time of the year for school aged children, and it gets even more exciting when you include a program like Brightside Academy’s Summer Camp into your child’s vacation. Enrolling them with Brightside for the summer can help ensure that they won’t get bored or get into any major trouble while you’re away at work. It can also provide them with fun activities and trips that they might not experience otherwise.

What’s Included With Brightside Academy Summer Camp 2022

When you enroll your child in our summer amp program, what you’ll receive is much more than someone just watching your child. Also included is:

One summer camp t-shirt for field trips
Nutritious snacks and meals at regular intervals every day
3-5 Field Trip (All field trip costs covered)
Exciting weekly themes
Fun experiences every day

Ohio Summer Camps | Summer Camps in Ohio | Brightside Academy Ohio
Ohio Summer Camps | Summer Camps in Ohio | Brightside Academy Ohio

What to Expect With
Brightside Summer Camp 2022

At the Brightside Academy, our summer camp experience is like no other in Ohio. We keep it fresh year-in-and-year-out with new activities, field trips, speakers, and more. That way, your child isn’t experiencing the same thing year after year. We take an integrated approach to learning that provides less pressure than the classroom and new forms of learning so your child can keep up, catch up, and make the transition to their next grade or developmental stage more easily.

Just to give you a better idea of what that looks like, here are how we handle three of those important aspects mentioned above:

Integrated Learning and Purposeful Play — Because it’s summer time, and because we believe in an all-around approach to child care and learning, your children won’t spend much time in a structured classroom environment. Although reading time and academic games and activities will be scheduled, much of your child’s learning will also be done through their own free play and guided group activities.
Weekly Themes — Throughout the summer, we have theme weeks. These weeks will emphasize building interest and knowledge in everything from the arts, to sciences, and even personal character building. Some of our previous themes include Superheroes, Engineering Through The Decades, Summer Olympics, and more.
Field Trips - Our field trips seek to build on some of our themes, but more so to our overall mission of providing a fun and well rounded summer camp experience to the children of Northern Ohio. Some of the trips our camps have done in the past include museums, parks, science centers, baseball games, and more.

Summer Camp in 2022

There’s no doubt that summer camp may look a little different in 2021 then it did in previous years. While we’re hoping that the COVID-19 pandemic will have become less of a threat by the summer, we can’t be sure where the world, the country, Ohio, or Brightside Academy will stand in terms of what's okay and available for school-aged children to be participating in. That being said, we will try to maintain as much as we can of our usual summer camp, and work with local businesses and organizations to find field trips that are safe and accessible under COVID-19 guidelines.

Our staff has been dealing with these guidelines for quite some time and we’re only getting better at them with time. We have put a number of guidelines and safety measures in place to keep COVID out of our classrooms and facilities, including:

Face masks inside and hand sanitizer upon entering
Health screenings for children and staff before entering the main facilities
Social distancing of families during check-in and check-out
Classroom bubbles of the same children and teachers every day
Animal and other fun face masks for children as well as face masks and shields for teachers
Ohio Summer Camps | Summer Camps in Ohio | Brightside Academy Ohio

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Getting started with the Brightside Academy nearest you and getting enrolled in our Ohio summer camp program is easy. Just call us at 855-708-5851, talk to the director of your child’s  before-and-after school program if they’re already enrolled with us there, or contact your nearest location directly!

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