//Daycare vs. Babysitting: Why Early Learning is More Than Babysitting

Daycare vs. Babysitting: Why Early Learning is More Than Babysitting

When you hear the word “daycare,” what initially comes to mind? Unfortunately, some think it’s synonymous with babysitting. However, daycare is not babysitting. In this post, Brightside Academy Ohio takes a closer look at the reasons why daycare is different from simple babysitting. Ultimately, we want to make the case for why you should choose an Ohio daycare over babysitting if you want your child to make the most of their formative years.

Daycare vs. Babysitting

In a daycare setting, your child is not only provided with care during the day. Aside from giving them a safe and secure environment while parents and guardians like you study or work, daycares such as Brightside Academy Ohio also facilitate early childhood education. In our programs — particularly those for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers — we work to equip kids with the essential skills they need to be ready for big school.

Furthermore, daycare teachers are certified and experienced to give hands-on and age-appropriate learning experiences. As such, our teachers do not only watch your kids while you’re away at school or work. We also ensure that your child is exposed and accustomed to educational, social, physical, mental, cultural, and behavioral values that will help them develop into bright and caring children. This way, your child will spend their time in a worthwhile manner. Not only they will enjoy the company of other kids, but they will also learn a lot of new things and gather new experiences.

True enough, both daycare and babysitting have their own sets of pros and cons. When your hire a babysitter, you’re guaranteed that they will only look after your child, so they can focus. They can also work based on your schedule. However, a daycare provides a more regular schedule while ensuring that your child also learns new skills and knowledge.

Brightside Academy Ohio Does More Than Simple Babysitting

Your child has a lot of potential. With our programs, you can help them explore their interests and develop their talents. Instead of leaving them at home with a babysitter, we recommend you choose a daycare that can help them improve in many ways. Contact us today so we can talk more about your options. Our enrollment is ongoing, too!

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