//Brightside Academy Ohio Partners with TheraPeds

Brightside Academy Ohio Partners with TheraPeds

Did you know that is’s never too early to help students get on the right track for learning and growing? There are a lot of benefits to early intervention and now Brightside Academy Ohio is adding to every classroom.

  • FREE Speech and Language Services
  • FREE Occupational Therapy

We’ve partnered with TheraPeds to provide speech theray, occupational therapy, physical therapy and behavioral counseling during school hours at no cost to you! TheraPeds will work with you, our Academy children and our teachers to support and to strengthen positive outcomes for each child.

Don’t take a “wait and see” approach when you see your child struggling.

Below you will find more information at this exciting partnership.

Did you know learning and development are at their highest rate during preschool years?  Therapies during early childhood have been shown to benefit:

  1. School Readiness
  2. Pre-reading skills
  3. Education
  4. Behavior
  5. Social Communication
  6. Focus and attention
  7. Self regulation (managing emotions when upset)
  8. Organizational skills
  9. Sensory processing
  10. Coordination, balance and motor skills
  11. Self-esteem
  12. Problem-solving
  13. Decision-making


Early intervention has been shown to result in the child:

  1. Needing fewer special education and other rehabilitative services later in life
  2. Being retained in grade less often


Learn more about Brightside Academy Ohio and the amazing education programs they provide.

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