//Back to School Tips for a Successful School Year

Back to School Tips for a Successful School Year

School is back in session and this time of year can be a hectic time for parents and their kiddos. Check out some of back to school tips to help ensure this school year gets off to a great start!

Know the Details

Walk or ride the route your child will take and make note of school patrols, crossing guards and high traffic areas along the way. Talk to your kids about NOT talking to strangers and find out what, if any, policies your child’s school has regarding early arrivals or late pick-ups. Learn about the school’s entrance and exit policies. Then, if you can, pop in and check out what the inside of the school looks like.

Meet Your Childs Teachers

Make sure to schedule time to meet you child’s teacher. Also be sure to ask them about their preferred method of communication as well as share yours. Remember each year your child is in school you are making a commitment to partner with their teacher for the success of your child’s education and future.


Make Homework a Priority

Make homework time a daily habit. Find a quiet and consistent place at home where your child can complete his or her homework. If your child is having difficulty with his or her homework, make an appointment with the teacher sooner rather than later. At Brightside Academy we allot time for our school-agers to assist with their homework as needed. We are committed to the success of your child in education and beyond.

Take Charge of Television Time

Limit the time that you let your child watch TV, and when you do decide to do TV time, make it a family and education affair. Talk together about what you see and ask questions after the show ends.

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