//The Vital Elements of High-Quality Infant and Toddler Care

The Vital Elements of High-Quality Infant and Toddler Care

If you’re a working or studying parent looking for the best childcare option for your baby, you have probably been searching for “the best child care centers near me.” But what really makes a high-quality infant care center or toddler daycare? In today’s blog, Brightside Academy Ohio takes a look at the vital elements of a high-quality infant and toddler learning center.


1. Health and Safety Practices

It is important for child care centers and daycare learning centers to have and follow basic health and safety requirements. Daycares should be able to provide a safe and healthy environment for its students and teachers.


2. Well-Trained Staff and Teachers

Caring for and educating infants and toddlers well takes sufficient training and a lot of patience. This is why teacher training programs are very important.


3. Age-Appropriate Classrooms

Infants and toddlers explore their environment a lot. As such, daycare centers need to ensure that their classrooms are child-proofed. Aside from making the rooms safe for their young students, early childhood learning centers also need to provide age-appropriate materials and learning aids.


4. Active and Responsive Caregiving

In active and responsive caregiving, the teacher takes cues from the child’s response to the lessons in order to expand their understanding. Teachers must also know when to let their students learn on their own and when to intervene.


5. Age-Appropriate Curriculum

Finally, it’s also necessary that the child care center follows a curriculum made especially for the development of young children. The curriculum should include the goals for the student’s development, the experiences the school will provide, the role of the caregivers, teachers, and parents, and the materials and aids that will be used, among other essential factors.


Brightside Academy Ohio Offers High-Quality Infant Care and Preschool Education

As one of the most trusted child development centers in the state, Brightside Academy Ohio offers a safe and productive environment for your infant, toddler, and preschooler. We make sure that your child will be guided well and professionally throughout their formative years.

To learn more about our programs, you may contact us. We also invite you to schedule a tour of the Brightside Academy Ohio daycare center nearest you to see for yourself what it’s like being in our classrooms. Better yet, enroll your babies now to reserve their slot in our programs!

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