//Teaching Kindergarten Online is Hard – How to Make it Easier

Teaching Kindergarten Online is Hard – How to Make it Easier

Being a preschool teacher is already a challenge in itself. This is why you need to possess some qualities to become one. Now, teaching preschool or kindergarten is one thing — teaching kindergarten online can prove to be a whole new ball game.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced all of us — teachers, parents, and students — to adapt to changes in the education system very quickly. Distance education, which entails online or virtual learning, has been recommended to ensure the safety of the kids. As a leading learning center for kids in Ohio, we also had to keep up. To help families in our community, we started a remote learning program wherein we offer full day supervision while remote learning.

As we continue to offer this service to parents, guardians, and students in our service locations, we’ve learned and developed a few tricks. In today’s post, we’ll share some tips on how you can make teaching kindergarten online easier for you and your students and their parents.


How to Make Teaching Kindergarten Online Easier: Tips for Teachers or Tutors

As the current school year is about to come to an end, teachers need to start preparing for the next school year or if applicable, for summer camps and classes. If you’re a kindergarten teacher or tutor required to teach online, here are some tips that can help make the experience more fruitful and enjoyable for you and your students.

  • Help parents and kids learn more about you by sending a digital copy of your Meet the Teacher letter or anything of the likes. Similarly, you can also post a blog or note online on social media about you. Make it fun and interesting!
  • Take the time to create an informational slideshow or presentation that showcases details such as digital platforms you will use, your contact information, how a typical school day will look like, expectations, virtual classroom rules, and class schedules, among others. Make this presentation easily accessible online.
  • Invite parents for a virtual tour of your classroom.
  • When classes begin, make sure you slow down. Ask your students every once in a while if everyone’s catching up. You can also take advantage of breakout rooms, such as what Zoom has, so you can check on smaller groups of students.
  • It’s also important to give every student a chance to share and participate during classes.
  • Implement screen breaks.
  • Schedule virtual snack time.
  • Focus on essential skills and standards. You and your students can’t be too busy or distracted, else you risk overwhelming your students and yourself.
  • Make the most of online tools and resources, such as YouTube. You’d find it has a lot of videos you can use for classes. The key is to choose carefully.
  • Devise a way to recognize our students, even for the little things.
  • Schedule virtual meetings with parents to know if they or their child are having issues of any kind.


Brightside Academy Ohio is Your Partner in Distance Learning

In a previous blog, we shared distance learning tips for parents. This time around, we hope our post helps teachers teaching kindergarten online, whether you’re from Brightside Academy Ohio or other child development centers.

As your partner in distance learning, Brightside Academy Ohio is one with you in this uniquely challenging yet empowering time. To learn more about our child care center and our programs, contact us! We also accept online enrollment for families and their kids and online applications for aspiring early childhood education professionals.

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