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Educators, parents, children, and others want to be a part of the Brightside community! You can too! Brightside is a place where members go out of their way to help each other. We have a strong set of values and a strong sense of community that promotes harmony.

Hear what Brightside members have to say when we asked them the question:

“What Do You Love Most About Brightside?”

I love working at Brightside Academy because we work together to educate the children in our community in hopes of changing our community. If we can give our children an adequate education then this will be a closer step towards equality for them and their families. We are here to provide hope, resources, and support to the children and families who are challenged with different economics disparities. By providing child care services we give our struggling parents a peace of mind as they go to school, and work to provide for their children. We provide a safe, clean, and nurturing environment to promote the grow of our children, and that’s what I love about Brightside Academy Ohio.
Lannell Phillips, Center Director, St. Clair
I Love the Excitement and Adventure that each new day brings working with the Diverse cultures and enhancing the skills of so many individual personalities!
Mary Davis, Training and On-boarding Director

The children have fun learning it doesn’t feel like a task to them . They get excited and often times bring back feed back from what they learned in the classroom they were able to compare or make the connection outside of the classroom.

– Nicole Crump | Toddler Teacher, Broadway, Cleveland

I enjoy working at Brightside because I love to part of a positive development in the community. I also enjoy laughing with coworkers, clients, and children. .

– Emily Olmstead | Assistant Director,Livingston, Columbus

I have so much laughter with my co-workers and they are very helpful.
Brightside is courteous enough to get employees input on certain matters before deciding how to move forward. It makes me feel valued.
I love working at Brightside because everyone shares the same vision and dedicated to our core values…C.H.I.L.D. Always COURTEOUS, we are a team and are HELPFUL to one another, always honest and shows INTEGRITY, constant LAUGHTER, and our number value, focused on CHILD DEVELOPMENT! Our team is focused on pushing each other to be better & take on new challenges. I am also treated with respect and given daily encouragement.
“The development in the classroom is always age appropriate and staff is ready to help one another when needed.”

“I love how helpful the management team us. The staff is welcoming and friendly. All employees take pride in being a part of student development.”