//Summer Camp and Your Child’s Development

Summer Camp and Your Child’s Development

It’s critical to your child’s development to keep them engaged and interacting with the world around them. In the summer, between working and taking care of your daily tasks, it can be hard to find time to provide your children with something that’s safe, interactive, and valuable to their development. At the Brightside Academy, we give parents in Toledo, Cleveland, Columbus, and Akron the chance to keep their child’s education and the fun going in the summer.

With the Brightside Academy, and our Summer Camp child care program, your children will have interesting activities and enriching experiences throughout the summer, providing chances for social, physical, and educational development. Utilizing a summer camp program like ours can help your child effectively transition to new stages in their development and learning opportunities they might not get otherwise. Here’s just a little about how Brightside’s approach, continued throughout the summer, can help your child develop.

All-Around Child Care and Development with Brightside Summer Camp

In our summer camp, as with all of our programs, we’ll make sure to take an approach that helps your child develop not only physically and mentally, but as a whole person. We think it’s important to let kids be themselves, to help them learn emotional regulation, and to encourage them to seek out their interests. Through a combination of Brightside provided opportunities and freedom for our students and campers, we can help your child develop a sense of themselves and confidence in that self.

Increased Physical Activity

In all of our child care and pre-k programs at the Brightside Academy, we always try to achieve balanced growth with our students. We want them to be lifelong learners, and part of that involves educating them about their physical health as well. We include free play time and group activities in the gym or on the playground in our schedule regularly. The summer time should be a time to bolster your children’s physical health, free of the time constraints of the school year, and we’ll give them a safe space for all their activities as well as nutritious snacks and meals to keep them fueled. This not only helps develop muscles as well as balance, but it promotes overall physical health and brain development as well. Exercise is always critical to getting stronger and oftentimes for healing. When you exercise, our bodies receive more oxygenated blood and this benefits all your muscles and organs. In your brain, this promotes the development of new neurons and neural connections, as well as better memory retention.

Development in Critical Thinking

While your child is playing at the Brightside Academy during summer camp, whether it be in a structured classroom game or in their free play time, they will also be working on their critical thinking skills. We engage children in games that are developmentally appropriate for their age in order to help them develop problem solving skills. While this helps, and certainly encourages the child toward problem solving, free play is just as important and maybe more so to the child. As much importance as we put on academics, letting a kid be a kid is part of what helps them develop into a well functioning adult. When we allow children to participate in free play, they take on the world through their own lens and start to understand the properties of the world around them.

Exploring New Subjects and Concepts

Your child’s play and independent exploration at the Brightside Academy will be bolstered by continued interaction with new subjects and concepts. Throughout our programs at the Brightside Academy, we make time for events, trips, and guest speakers that explore a number of topics and concepts. From exploring science exhibits to speaking to upstanding members of the community, your children will be introduced to a variety of topics and studies that will perhaps set the groundwork for the development of new interests and skills. In our summer camp program, trips, events, and guest visits become even more regular.

Continued Social Interaction

When it comes to your child’s development, an underrated and under cared for aspect in our society is their social development. Social growth, or the lack thereof, can be like a domino effect for children, as well as adults. Positive developments typically lead to growth and exploration while negatives tend to lead isolation and stagnation. If we never stop to realize how our interactions with the world affect our interactions with others, then we cannot grow socially and this limits us in almost every aspect of life, cutting us off from ideas, opportunities, and new experiences. 

At the Brightside Academy, we encourage our students to broaden their world, by accepting them and encouraging their interests, and encouraging them to do the same with others. By enrolling your child in our summer camp program, you’ll give them the chance for interactions with new people, activities, and experiences in an environment that encourages them to embrace new possibilities for themselves.

Enroll Your Child With Brightside Summer Camp Today

When you consider child care in Toledo, Cleveland, Columbus, or Akron, then the Brightside Academy wants to be your first choice. Serving children up to the age of 12, we can provide your child with summer fun they won’t soon forget and a schedule that keeps them growing as people and students all summer long. Contact your local Brightside to reserve your spot for the summer today!

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