//Preschool Programs: What Children Learn at Preschool

Preschool Programs: What Children Learn at Preschool

The formative years, which start from childbirth to 8 years of age, are the crucial years when your child learns and develops skills that will help them grow physically, mentally, and socially healthy. This is why it is recommended that you enroll your baby in infant daycare instead of simply leaving them with a babysitter while you’re out working. Now, if your little one is already past the infancy stage, the next step would be enrolling them in one of the preschool programs in your area.

If you’re wondering what children learn at preschool, you’re in luck! In this blog, trusted Ohio daycare center, Brightside Academy, shares what you can expect from a preschool curriculum.

Academic Concepts Tackled in a Preschool Curriculum

Preschool programs may vary from preschool to preschool. However, they all tackle the basic academic concepts that kids should learn at their age. Some of the important concepts taught in preschool are:

  • The calendar (days of the week, months, and seasons)
  • Colors and coloring
  • Drawing and painting
  • Cutting
  • Gluing
  • Letters and numbers
  • Sorting objects
  • Shapes
  • Weather
  • Taking turns
  • Cooperating
  • Sharing, and more


Motor Skills Learned in Preschool

Preschool-age children master a lot of motor skills at this stage. They develop and improve both gross motor skills and fine motor skills. Preschool programs often dedicate and plan lessons and activities to promote the development of students’ motor skills.

Gross motor skills are typically practiced through play: running, jumping, skipping, kicking, and throwing. Meanwhile, fine motor skills are enhanced through activities such as writing, drawing, cutting, gluing, stringing, and coloring. These activities and those related to them, when combined, do not only develop motor skills but social and cognitive skills as well.


Social Skills Developed During Preschool

Preschool also offers a good opportunity for kids to learn social skills. In a preschool setting, students learn how to function in groups and teams. Behaviors such as sharing, cooperation, taking turns, and transitioning from one activity to another are honed. Preschool teachers also remind and help students to practice self-care skills while being encouraged to care about others, too.



“Preschool” is called such because it is designed to prepare kids before they start their K-12 education. The skills and behaviors they develop during preschool will help them succeed in kindergarten and beyond.


Looking for Preschool Programs Near You? Brightside Academy Ohio is the Name to Trust

With topnotch early childhood education programs facilitated by teachers who have completed our comprehensive teacher training program, Brightside Academy Ohio is equipped to prepare your child for the years ahead of them. Contact us to learn more about our preschool curriculum and know what your child can learn when you enroll them at Brightside Academy Ohio.

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