//Job Types in a Daycare: What Are the Daycare Positions You Can Apply To

Job Types in a Daycare: What Are the Daycare Positions You Can Apply To

Childcare workers are individuals and professionals who attend to children’s needs and at the same time, foster early childhood learning and development. It’s safe to say that as long as there are children and their parents and guardians go out to make a living or study to advance their careers, there will always be a need for childcare workers. If you are planning to enter a career in daycare, you’re lucky! There are actually a number of daycare positions you can apply to. In fact, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that there will be more than 160,000 openings for childcare workers every year through 2029.

In this post, trusted Ohio daycare Brightside Academy Ohio discusses the different job types in a daycare center that you may be interested in. See if you are qualified in any of these child care centers jobs!

Preschool Teacher

As you might already know, preschool teachers are the ones responsible for teaching the daycare students enrolled in the center’s infant, toddler, and preschool programs. They facilitate learning in different aspects, including motor skills, cognitive skills, and academic skills. Aside from facilitating learning, they also prepare the materials and daily activities.

To become a preschool teacher in Ohio, you should possess a number of qualities and qualifications. If you are optimistic, patient, and passionate about kids, then those could be signs you should be a preschool teacher. Don’t have any credentials and wondering how to get a job at a daycare without experience? There’s no need to worry. You can apply in teacher training programs such as what we offer here at Brightside Academy Ohio.

Assistant Teachers

Aside from preschool teacher jobs in Ohio, one can also apply to become an assistant teacher. As the job position suggests, they help preschool teachers at a daycare center. Their tasks include assisting the teacher during activities, facilitating simple activities themselves, taking attendance, and helping the teacher watch children during group activities.

Administrative Assistants or Floaters

Daycare assistants or floaters primarily help manage the daycare center. They assist the preschool director with daily clerical and administrative tasks. They may also be tasked to ensure orderliness in the center. As such, they may also assist parents and guardians with their inquiries and during enrollment. They also organize files and other resources and materials.

Daycare Director

Preschool and daycare center directors are responsible for supervising and leading the daycare staff. They also design program plans, as well as ensure that the curriculum is followed. They oversee daily operations at the center and manage resources and budgets as well. In all, they have the highest authority in the center and as such, they do most of the decision-making.

Looking for Daycare Jobs? Brightside Academy Ohio is the Place to Advance Your Career!

Brightside Academy Ohio continues to grow and as such, we want professionals and individuals who share our passion for early childhood education to join our growing team! We accept applications from everyone, even those who do not have prior daycare or preschool experience. For aspiring preschool teachers, we offer the Launch CDA Program and Teacher Training Program, which helps you earn while you learn! Contact us to learn more about our child care centers hiring activities.

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