//How to Love a Child and Show Affection Despite Your Busy Schedule

How to Love a Child and Show Affection Despite Your Busy Schedule

How to love a child — tricky question, right? Loving your child comes naturally. However, love is more than just what you feel. The way your child feels and how they perceive your love is what matters more. For young children, love, time, and security intertwine. Ultimately, the best way to love a child is to make them feel important, secure, and cared for.

As a working parent, you probably agree that it can be a challenge to balance your time between work and family. You need to work to give your kids a comfortable life. For some parents, working one job is sometimes not enough. This is where worrying about whether you’re giving your child enough time, guidance, and affection comes in.

Here at Brightside Academy Ohio, one of our hopes is to help rear kids who know that they are loved and that they are an important part of their families and society. Aside from the care and education that we give them at our Ohio daycare centers, it is even more crucial that they feel that special love and affection at home. In this post, we’ll share with you some tips on how to love a child in such a way that they’ll feel your affection despite your busy schedule.

Listen to Your Child

Every time your child tells you stories about how their day went or shares with you things that they like or are interested in, take the time to listen. Try your best to focus on them when they’re talking. If you’re doing something, pause and look at them while they talk. Kids are actually easy to please. Once they know you’ve heard what they have to share, they’ll be satisfied.

Ask Their Opinion

A good way to let your kids feel that they’re important is to ask them for their opinion and permission. Ask them what they like for lunch. Going out? Let them pick their clothes. Choosing among children daycare centers? Consider which one they prefer. Even though it is the adults who will make the final decision in most things, making your child feel that their opinions matter will go a long way.

Follow Routines at Home

Showing love doesn’t always mean giving freedom. Keeping structure at home is also one way to show children they are loved. Kids thrive on consistency. It’s important that their mealtimes, wake-up time, bedtime, homework time, and playtime are kept in a routine. Doing this also helps in their physical and mental well-being. For one, children should get enough sleep as it promotes healthy development. A good’s night sleep also helps improve behavior, learning, attention, and memory. Moreover, keeping a daily routine also helps your child feel stable. This translates to security and as such, they are less likely to feel anxiety in and out of the home.

Spend Time With Them

You might be busy with work, but it’s also your responsibility as a parent to spare time for your child. Try to join them during play. Read them a bedtime story. Walk or drive them to the daycare and you can talk along the way. This coming summer, try these fun summer activities for parents and kids. As much as possible, spend your time off work with your family. You’ll find that it’s also therapeutic for you!

Take Them to a Daycare

Taking your child to a daycare or learning center for kids makes sure they are surrounded by other children and people who can continue the culture of love, respect, and understanding even when you’re at work. What’s more, they can learn a lot of things that will prepare them for school and for the world. By leaving your child in the care of people who will tend to them like family, they become aware that you will not leave them alone or with someone who can’t take care of them properly.

Brightside Academy Ohio Instills the Culture of Love in Kids

As a kids daycare and baby learning center, Brightside Academy Ohio facilitates not just   early childhood skills and knowledge, but values as well. These include love, respect, and affection toward others. When you choose Brightside, you know your child is in good hands.

To learn more about our programs, feel free to contact us. We also invite you to take a tour of the Brightside Academy Ohio daycare center nearest you. We hope to see you and your little one soon!

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