//How to Become a Teacher in Ohio – A Definitive Guide

How to Become a Teacher in Ohio – A Definitive Guide

Teaching is the most noble profession. We here at Brightside Ohio agree. Teachers are powerful, too! We have the power to help create happy, smart, strong, and healthy children who, in turn, will shape the future. However, teachers don’t often get a grand recognition. This is partly why teaching is a noble profession: the weight of our work is immeasurable, but seeing our students grow well and become successful is already enough reward.


If you also want to experience the Brightside Ohio teachers’ joy, we’re happy to share with you this educator guide on how to become a teacher in Ohio that can help you prepare for child care center jobs.


How to Become a Teacher in Ohio – What You Should Know

The traditional pathway to teacher licensure in Ohio requires you to hold a bachelor’s degree, first and foremost. Then, you need to complete the Ohio teacher preparation program. Such a program is approved by the Chancellor of the Ohio Board of Regents. The institution providing the preparation program can recommend candidates for the Ohio educator licensure program.

Teacher Preparation Program

Furthermore, all state-approved preparation programs include student teaching. Students who will be getting their first certification are required to complete at least 100 field experience. Meanwhile, 50 clock hours of student teaching are required from those who will take a second certification.

It’s also important to note that most types of Ohio teacher certification also require coursework on reading education. In general, the certifications for Early Childhood, Middle Childhood, and Intervention Specialist require around 12 semester hours of reading coursework. So, if you’re looking to be certified and planning to take on preschool teacher jobs in Ohio, you need to take the 12-hour reading coursework.

Ohio Certification Exams for Teachers

Now, after completing the preparation program, you are set to take the required examinations. In Ohio, the exams required to get a teaching license include the Ohio Assessments for Educators (OAE). This exam aims to measure an aspiring educator’s pedagogical, professional, and subject-specific skills and knowledge. You can take this exam through accredited test centers.

Ohio utilizes a tiered licensing system. First-time OAE passers get the four-year Resident Educator license. This makes them part of the Ohio Resident Educator program in the district or school where they choose to teach. Holders of this license enjoy various perks. They get mentorship during the first two years, assistance for their submission of performance-based assessments in the third year, and district-specific education in the final year. Upon completion of the four-year initial license, you can apply for the five-year professional teaching license. Furthermore, Ohio teacher certification candidates also need to pass at least one Pedagogical Knowledge Assessment specific to their chosen subject area.

Applying for the Licensure

Once you’ve completed all of the teacher certification requirements, what’s next? As mentioned above, the administrator or dean of your educator preparation program must recommend you for the certification. This recommendation will be submitted to the Office of Educator Licensure. Then, you need to initiate your application through the Ohio Department of Education Connected Ohio Records for Educators (ODE.CORE). Remember: You need to submit your teacher certification application within 12 months after you’ve completed your educator preparation program.

Begin Your Teaching Journey at Brightside Academy Ohio

Brightside Academy Ohio is a leading early childhood education and child care center serving Akron, Cleveland, Columbus, and Toledo. Our team is composed of experienced and certified education professionals who are not only committed to providing the best care and education for our students, but also guiding new teachers who share our passion, mission, and vision. Contact us to learn more about how you can become a teacher in Ohio or ask about career opportunities here at Brightside.

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