//#FightForStepUp: What You Should Know About Step Up to Quality and Its Importance

#FightForStepUp: What You Should Know About Step Up to Quality and Its Importance

Since Brightside Academy Ohio first opened its doors in 2001, we’ve already committed ourselves to providing the best quality child care and early childhood education possible. We make this possible through a number of ways, including working hard to improve our Step Up to Quality ratings. To date, our Ohio daycare locations have 3- to 4-star Step Up to Quality ratings.

Back in 1999, the state of Ohio began its effort to make sure that kids have access to high-quality yet affordable and certified child care and early education. This is when the Step Up to Quality program was born. However, a proposal to rewrite how childcare is rated in the state threatens the maintenance of child care and education quality.

In this post, Brightside Academy Ohio hopes to share why we encourage parents, guardians, educators, and all community members to #FightForStepUp.

What is Step Up to Quality?

Step Up to Quality (SUTQ) is a five-star quality rating system designed to encourage child development centers to improve the quality of their services by meeting stringent quality benchmarks. These benchmarks even exceed licensing standards. Education experts say that these standards tremendously help improve the quality of child care and early childhood education and as such, improve the growth and development potential of children in Ohio.

To gain an SUTQ star, a child care center must meet various standard requirements. These include:

  • Low child-to-teacher/staff ratios
  • Specialized staff and teacher training
  • Improved workplace environment and conditions
  • Student screenings and assessments
  • Interaction and communication with families
  • Feedback opportunities for parents and families

Why is Step Up to Quality Important?

The Step Up to Quality has been seen to help Ohio “make meaningful progress in improving child care in the state.” Furthermore, a study also found that high-quality child care generates as much as 10% return on investment (ROI) to the public.

However, just recently, the Senate made a proposal to make SUTQ optional again. Now, what does this mean?

When SUTQ is made optional, practically anyone can establish a daycare center. Parents who simply need a place for their kids to wait in while they are at work or school might be tricked into leaving their little ones in the care of children daycare centers that do not offer high-quality early childhood education. In a previous blog post, we have discussed how early childhood education is more than babysitting. Child learning centers with multiple SUTQ star ratings such as Brightside Academy Ohio guarantees that your child gets more than simple babysitting. They are taught the skills that will prepare them for a brighter future.

#FightForStepUp: Your Kids Deserve High-Quality Daycare and Education

The very reason why Brightside Academy Ohio wants you to #FightForStepUp is because we want your child to get high-quality daycare and early childhood education because they deserve it. Your child deserves to be equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to be successful at school and life. As an SUTQ-rated Ohio daycare center, Brightside Academy Ohio provides programs designed to prepare your child for a bright, successful future.

Contact us to learn more about Step Up to Quality and what we can do together to #FightForStepUp and fight for quality education.

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