//What to Put in Easter Eggs for Toddlers: Small Toys & Healthy Treats

What to Put in Easter Eggs for Toddlers: Small Toys & Healthy Treats

Wondering what to put in Easter eggs for toddlers? You’re not alone. For one, Easter egg hunts are a beloved childhood tradition, but toddlers can’t quite keep up with the big kids just yet. In addition, you may not be comfortable giving your little one traditional Easter egg fillers such as sugar-loaded sweets and money.

Still, your toddler doesn’t have to miss the fun! Here are some fun and age-appropriate things to put inside Easter eggs for toddlers, whether it’s just for your own or for an entire party.

Skip the Sugar for Your Toddler’s Easter Eggs

what to put in easter eggs for toddlers

When you think of egg hunts, you probably think of the usual candy Easter egg fillers like chocolate, jelly beans, marshmallow Peeps, and other candies. Unfortunately, they’re not the best option not just for toddlers, but kids in general.

First of all, candy is terrible for teeth regardless of age. Kids who eat a lot of it are more prone to cavities, tooth decay, and even tooth loss early in life.

Sugary food can affect children’s behavior negatively: studies show that children who regularly fill up on sugar snacks focus less in school, display more aggressive tendencies, and have difficulty falling asleep.

Finally, sweets are also incredibly addictive, to the point where many children in the US already have an unhealthy sugar habit.

At the very least, giving toddlers candy Easter egg fillers is setting them up for trouble, from the hyperactive zoomies to the cranky crash.

The good news is that there are tons of non candy ideas for toddlers, from artistic Easter egg fillers to healthy egg fillers for toddlers that even older kids will love!

Creative Easter Egg Fillers for Younger Kids

what to put in easter eggs for toddlers

Got a budding Picasso in your family? Looking for Easter egg fillers that can keep toddlers busy even after the hunt? Fill those plastic Easter eggs with items they can use for arts and crafts.

Try these ideas:

Pencils with Eraser Bunny Toppers

These pencils will inspire hours of creative doodling, especially with the Easter Bunny looking over everything they draw!

Sidewalk Chalk

what to put in easter eggs for toddlers

Not only does sidewalk chalk last longer than candy, but it also encourages children to go outside and let their creativity run wild. As a bonus, you don’t have to worry about scrubbing scribbles off your walls. Simply wash the sidewalk down with a hose to clean it all up.

Colorful Temporary Tattoos

Add some flair to your toddler’s egg hunt with temporary tattoos. You’ll find a wide selection of bunny and chick themed tattoos online or at most seasonal retailers.

Mini Sticker Books

Who doesn’t love stickers? They’re cute, sticky, and they can be used to decorate whatever you want. They’re also a terrific way for tots to practice their motor skills by peeling stickers off the page and sticking them on different surfaces.

You can find mini sticker books in countless themes, but we recommend sticking with the baby animals, colorful eggs, sunflowers, and other Easter themes.

Miniature Coloring Books & Crayons

what to put in easter eggs for toddlers

Fold up a miniature coloring book or sheet of paper and a few chunky crayons or markers, and you’re good to go. You can even print out Easter-themed coloring sheets if you’re feeling crafty!


Set up a crafts table in advance of your egg hunt. This way, the curious tots can try their creative Easter egg stuffers right away while the grown-ups take a little break!

Fill Plastic Easter Eggs with Toddler-Safe Toys

what to put in easter eggs for toddlers

Next, small toys like puzzle pieces and play doh also make for exciting Easter egg fillers for toddlers. For this list, we included Easter egg filler ideas that aren’t just fun to play with, but also educational:

Easter Bunny Finger Puppets

what to put in easter eggs for toddlers

Finger puppets are super soft, stretchy, and lovable, and come in every imaginable Easter color: purple, blue, green, yellow, and pink. They’re perfect for kids, but especially for any child who’s starting to learn imaginative play.

For instance, they can use the puppets to reenact their favorite nursery rhymes or create their own stories!

Silly String in Pastel Colors

It’s slimy, it stretches, and it makes a colorful mess— everything that toddlers love. This non candy easter egg filler is made of non-toxic material that cleans up easily and won’t stain clothing or furniture. Plus, it comes in a variety of pastel colors sure to match any Easter egg or basket!

Colorful Inflatable Balls

what to put in easter eggs for toddlers

Kids love balls, and these cute ones come in every color of the rainbow! They’re also lightweight and soft, making them safe for even the tiniest toddlers.

It’s also a fun way to burn off all their excess energy. For instance, challenge your toddler to inflate the balls on their own. Watch them huff and puff their way to naptime after all the Easter fun!

Can’t find inflatables? Feel free to swap them up for bouncy balls as Easter egg fillers.

Mini Play Doh in Easter Colors

Create mini playdough balls in pastel colors, wrap them in cling wrap, and pack them inside the Easter eggs or baskets. If you’re using jumbo plastic eggs, you can also buy play doh in mini cans. Playing with non-toxic clay is a great sensory activity for little kids!

Cute Accessories

what to put in easter eggs for toddlers

Lots of toddlers enjoy playing dress up, whether they’re mimicking adults or reenacting their characters. Fuel their imagination with toy accessories like plastic sunglasses, tiny hats, hair accessories like ribbons, and more.

Need to fill up more than a dozen plastic eggs? You can buy them cheaply in bulk at the dollar store or online.


what to put in easter eggs for toddlers

Bubbles are always a hit for all ages, period. They’re fun to blow, chase, and pop! Get the smallest bubble bottles you can find and stuff them into the Easter eggs. Pair it with some bubble wands, and you’ve got an easy, inexpensive filler for Easter eggs that will delight kids and kids at heart.

Healthy & Yummy Easter Egg Fillers for Toddlers

Finally, you can still stuff your toddler’s Easter eggs with treats without resorting to candy Easter egg fillers. Below are some healthy options to stuff those plastic eggs with this year:

Animal Crackers

what to put in easter eggs for toddlers

Animal crackers are so much fun! They’re shaped like monkeys, hippos, pigs, elephants, lions, zebras, goldfish…the list goes on and on.

They also come in a world of flavors: chocolate, peanut butter, vanilla, strawberry…you name it. Small packs will fit perfectly inside a plastic egg or snuggled in an Easter basket.

If you’re looking for something more natural though, there are many brands out there that offer organic animal crackers, gluten-free options, etc.

Fruit Snacks

what to put in easter eggs for toddlers

You can never go wrong with fruit snacks as a substitute for candy Easter egg fillers, from fruit leather to fruity yogurt, granola bars, raisins, and other sweet treats.

For example, natural fruit leather is literally fruit that’s been dehydrated into a flat strip. Think fruit roll-ups without all the unhealthy corn syrup and artificial ingredients. Plus, they come in fun flavors like strawberry and watermelon, which always are a big hit with the kiddos.

Small yogurt snacks are also great for filling eggs. Choose ones that are sugar-free and made with real fruit. You can also buy mini granola bars packed with fruits, oats, and other healthy stuff for kids to snack on. Finally, tiny boxes of raisins are also the perfect size for filling eggs and filling up tiny tummies!

Mini Pretzels

what to put in easter eggs for toddlers

These classic crunchy snacks are a favorite of toddlers (and adults) everywhere, and they come in tons of kid-friendly flavors like cheese and lightly-salted. For an even healthier option, look for whole-wheat pretzels or baked pretzels.

Organic Fruit and/or Veggie Puffs

Toddlers go crazy for puffs: they’re easy to chew, delicious, and small enough to be held by tiny hands. Want to score extra points with every mom, dad, and guardian at your egg hunt? Sneak in some extra nutrients by choosing organic fruit or vegetable puffs instead of traditional ones!

String Cheese

Another healthy treat you might consider putting inside your Easter eggs this year is String cheese.

It’s a great source of calcium, has low lactose content, and won’t spill out all over the place if it gets jostled around in an Easter egg. Plus, many brands come in fun shapes like stars and smiley faces for your Easter egg stuffers.

Happy Easter to You & Your Little Ones

We hope you got some awesome Easter egg filler ideas from our list! Before finalizing your list of egg fillers for toddlers, we also recommend checking in with the parents of each child. This way, you can factor in potential issues like allergies. With that said, we hope you and your family enjoy your Easter celebrations this year!

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