//Distance Learning Tips for Parents: How to Help Your Child Succeed in Remote Learning

Distance Learning Tips for Parents: How to Help Your Child Succeed in Remote Learning

It’s been around a year since the COVID-19 pandemic shook the world. Education is one of the sectors greatly affected by this global crisis. Fortunately, your child’s education doesn’t have to stop. There are several ways to ensure the continuity of your little one’s learning. Brightside Academy Ohio daycare, for one, offers full-day remote learning supervision to help parents guide their children while they study from home. To assist you further, our team compiled these distance learning tips to make online schooling enjoyable and productive for both parents and students.

Tip #1: Understand what is distance learning program.

Guiding your child through online distance learning will be much easier for you if you first understand what is distance learning and what it isn’t. Also called e-learning, online learning, or distance education, distance learning is a form of education wherein there is a physical separation between the students and teachers. The instruction is done with the help of various technology. Nowadays, we have video conferencing tools such as Zoom or Skype where teachers and students can talk and hold classes. Schools also use online tools such as Google Classroom and related applications to assign schoolwork.

The way distance learning is done varies from one school to another. As such, parents need to coordinate with their kids’ teachers well to ensure that they are on the same page. Your child’s school and teacher should lay down what is expected of parents and the kids. Indeed, this is a unique time for everyone, and coordination is key to success.

Tip #2: Establish a routine.

In a previous blog, we’ve discussed how following routines at home can help make your child feel loved. It turns out that establishing routines is also crucial in ensuring success in remote learning. It is necessary to see online schooling as actual schooling and as such, online class schedules must be incorporated into your daily schedules at home. By establishing a routine that includes online class schedules, your child will be able to get used to it faster and better.

Tip #3: Supervise but let your child own their work.

It can be easy to intervene with your child’s online schooling when you’re at home. However, try your best not to. You may supervise them in such a way that you’ll check if they’re comfortable studying at home or if they’re able to meet what’s expected of them. As much as possible, though, let them own their work. It will help gauge what your child learns from their home schooling in Ohio.

Tip #4: Encourage play and physical activity.

Your child’s physical activity may be reduced if they don’t go to school every day. As a parent, you can encourage them to balance their time at home by facilitating fun activities that the family can participate in. Keep in mind that play has a powerful effect on a child’s development, so don’t leave your little one without sufficient physical activity. Furthermore, if you allow your child enough playtime, they won’t get bored studying and they might just look forward to every online school session and activity.

Brightside Academy Ohio Helps Make Distance Learning Easier for You

As one of the reliable Ohio online schools for K to 12 kids, Brightside Academy Ohio can help distance learning easier for you and your child. To learn more about our remote learning program, contact us! We’re more than happy to discuss it in detail. You may also schedule a virtual tour of the Brightside Academy Ohio daycare center nearest you. Ready to get started? You can also enroll your child in any of our comprehensive early childhood education programs now.

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