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Brightside Heros Art Contest

CALLING ALL BRIGHTSIDE FAMILIES!!! We want to see your child’s best art work of their hero or hero squad. The art work can be of any person

or person(s) they feel are their hero and making a difference in the world during this time of crisis.

How to enter:

Submit the the following in the entry form below or email to info@brightsideohio.com

  1. Your child’s name, age, center location and person or persons of who they drew as their hero.
  2. ( 2 ) pictures of your child’s drawing to info@brigthside.com or submit below.
    • First photo is a picture of your child’s drawing.
    • Second picture is a picture of your child holding up their drawing with a big smile.

Contest Rules:

  1. Must be draw or colored by hand
  2. They may use pencil, colored pencil, crayon, or marker.
  3. Must be child’s original work and no help from others.
  4. Open to all children but only Brightside Academy Ohio children are eligible to win. Ages 0-12

Official Details:

Contest officially starts April 8th and ends on April 15th.  Winner will be announced on April 17th.

First Place -$50 gift card, Second Place – $25 gift card, Third Place – $25 gift card.