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About Monty Stefansky

Monty Stefansky joined Brightside Academy Ohio as Chief Financial Officer. With a diverse business background, Monty worked for numerous years in a private equity firm and helped grow the company’s holdings in the Healthcare Industry with a focus on Drug & Alcohol Rehab. In addition, Monty specialized in merger and acquisitions in various different industries. Monty’s focus and key role with Brightside Academy Ohio is to stabilize the current operations and to grow Brightside Academy Ohio’s imprint across the state of Ohio and to ensure that our Ohio operation is the premier child care and preschool provider available to all families. Monty can be reached at monty@brightsideohio.com.

YouTube, Kids, and Parents Feeling Guilty

We see kids hooked up on the screen, watching their favorite characters on YouTube. Parents and guardians use it for 2 main reasons: to entertain (or pacify) their kids and facilitate learning. The digital age does indeed provide lots of benefits. Similar to TVs, handheld screens offer the same entertainment and knowledge. These videos are more accessible now and are on-demand, meaning we don’t need to wait for timeslots or depend on big media producers to give us quality content. YouTube and Children's Mental Health Because the more views result [...]

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A Call to Inspire and Motivate

The pandemic has been brutal to all of us. Companies laying-off workers, workers forced to resign from their jobs to take care of their children or dependents, and children forced to stay at home. It has taken a toll physically, mentally, and emotionally and has resulted in many workers being tired and feeling drained all the time. Now that the economy is opening up and employees are returning to the workplace, we, as heads of our respective organizations, are facing a new set of challenges. Returning employees are overwhelmed, unmotivated [...]

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