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Courtney is the Marketing and Enrollment Director for Brightside Academy Ohio. When she is not working, you can find her spending time with the husband and 3-year old who is a proud early learner at Brightside Academy Ohio.

Summer Games That Can Be Played on Pavement

When it comes time for summer, it can be easy to let your children sit in front of a screen, especially when there’s not much space for them to safely roam around outside. Aside from basketball, it can seem like there are few options when you don’t have a yard of your own. However, there are a number of pavement-based games that children can play that are a lot of fun. At the Brightside Academy in Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo, and Akron, we know all about playing on the pavement, as [...]

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5 Fun Ways for Your Child to Learn During Summer

Keeping your child entertained during the summer can be a major hassle, and keeping them entertained with something enriching is even more of a stretch. However, there are some easily accessible activities and events that you can participate in with your child that will help bolster their educational development and not put you out of too much money or effort.  At the Brightside Academy in Toledo, Akron, Cleveland, and Columbus, we give the children of Northern Ohio a place to go for child care that recognizes their needs as a [...]

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Summer Camp and Your Child’s Development

It’s critical to your child’s development to keep them engaged and interacting with the world around them. In the summer, between working and taking care of your daily tasks, it can be hard to find time to provide your children with something that’s safe, interactive, and valuable to their development. At the Brightside Academy, we give parents in Toledo, Cleveland, Columbus, and Akron the chance to keep their child’s education and the fun going in the summer. With the Brightside Academy, and our Summer Camp child care program, your children [...]

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5 Summer Activities for Parents and Kids

Let’s face it, during the summer, finding options to keep you and the kids entertained and safe outside of screens can be hard. You don’t want them doing something mindless and you have to keep an eye on them, but just watching them can be as mindless for the parent as just watching TV is for them. The trick is to find something you both enjoy, or to find a safe environment where the kid can be a kid, and you can just relax and occasionally check in. At the [...]

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How to Become a Teacher in Ohio – A Definitive Guide

Teaching is the most noble profession. We here at Brightside Ohio agree. Teachers are powerful, too! We have the power to help create happy, smart, strong, and healthy children who, in turn, will shape the future. However, teachers don’t often get a grand recognition. This is partly why teaching is a noble profession: the weight of our work is immeasurable, but seeing our students grow well and become successful is already enough reward.   If you also want to experience the Brightside Ohio teachers’ joy, we’re happy to share with [...]

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The Power of Play in Child Care

For a very long time, play was considered frivolous. It was, and still is to some, what children do because they have no work. However, in some ways, it is their work. As children go through preschool, they should be learning how to socialize and getting a grip on their motor skills. Play helps engage this, as well as critical and creative thinking skills. Not only is play necessary, but it should be encouraged. It’s easy to get caught up in the traditional elements of schooling, after all, organized schooling [...]

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Preschool in Ohio – 5 Common Questions

If you’re enrolling your child in schooling for the first time, you likely have some questions as to how it all works. When exactly can schooling begin? Is there assistance available for low income families? What’s required from me as a parent? These are all questions you can and should be asking yourself. The Brightside Academy is here to help you answer a few of them, and if you live in Toledo, Akron, Columbus, or Cleveland, we’d love to be your preschool provider as well. At the Brightside Academy, we [...]

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5 Things To Improve on During Preschool

Preschool is a huge step for some kids, but not nearly as big as the step they’d be taking if they went without it. At the Brightside Academy in Northern Ohio, we help children get ready for the massive step that is kindergarten, by helping them get prepared for both the social and academic aspects. We believe in a whole person-centered approach at the Brightside Academy, meaning we look after all areas of your child’s well being. Without addressing health and fitness or acceptable social functioning, all of the typical [...]

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16 Jokes that will Make your Kids Laugh on this Unusual April Fools’ Day

One of the greatest joys of parenthood is watching your kids laugh. And though there is nothing funny about this awful Coronavirus crisis that the world is experiencing right now, it does mean you can’t keep good vibes and find ways to put a smile on your child’s face. And guess what, April Fools' Day is the perfect day to pull out those corny jokes and make your little ones giggle. If playing pranks on your kids isn't your thing, we’ve got 12 cute kid-friendly jokes that are guaranteed to [...]

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10 Family Fun Activities To Do this Weekend To Beat The Coronavirus Blues

Whoo-hoo! The weekend has arrived! And for many of us, these few sacred days that are normally set-aside for date nights, family outings or weekend getaways have been snatched away from us like a thief in the night. With the Coronavirus crisis upon us, a government mandate to stay-in-doors and social distancing in place, more than likely you are finding yourself stuck inside with the kids and feeling like you are on the verge of coming down with cabin fever. But fear not, we have a few tricks up our [...]

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