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Healthy Snacks for Kindergarteners (Recipes + Ideas)

Kindergarten is a time of incredible growth and change. As your little one prepares to begin their academic journey, they're also developing their sense of independence and exploring new ways to connect with the world around them. That's why it's so important that they get the right kind of fuel for their bodies, minds, and spirits during this period. A big part of that is making sure your kids eat healthy snacks in addition to their regular meals. To help you plan your menu, this list is packed with healthy [...]

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#FightForStepUp: What You Should Know About Step Up to Quality and Its Importance

Since Brightside Academy Ohio first opened its doors in 2001, we’ve already committed ourselves to providing the best quality child care and early childhood education possible. We make this possible through a number of ways, including working hard to improve our Step Up to Quality ratings. To date, our Ohio daycare locations have 3- to 4-star Step Up to Quality ratings. Back in 1999, the state of Ohio began its effort to make sure that kids have access to high-quality yet affordable and certified child care and early education. This [...]

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What Causes Obesity in Children?

A child is considered obese when their weight is above normal for their height and age. Childhood obesity is a huge epidemic that deserves close attention and research. It is important that parents and caregivers understand what causes obesity in children. The more we understand about what causes obesity in children the better we can help them and future generations. The Brightside Academy offers help and education to those trying to make better choices.  Poor Food Choices  Poor food choices are the main contributor to childhood obesity. Processed foods, foods [...]

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How to Choose A Daycare Center

If you are a working parent, then you want to know how to choose a daycare center that you can trust. Choosing a daycare is a huge responsibility and one that we, at the Brightside Academy, take very seriously. You are trusting your most prized possession with strangers that you believe qualified to keep them safe while you are gone. If you are wondering where to start or how to choose a daycare center 1. Trained Staff  Before visiting a daycare center visit their website and look for the director’s [...]

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When do Kids Start Talking?

Your baby saying its first word is one of the most magical things a parent can experience. If you’re new to parenting, it’s important to know when to expect your kid’s first words. It’s important to keep in mind, children develop at different rates. Here are some things you can expect as your kid gets ready to say its first words.  Baby Babbling Much like your baby has to learn to crawl before it can walk, your baby will first have to learn to babble before it can talk. Babbling [...]

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Why Preschool is Important For Your Child?

Brightside Academy Ohio offers preschool programs as well as Head Start and Early Head Start for the communities. If you are a parent of a young child, you may be wondering why preschool is important. Here are the reasons that you should consider sending your son or daughter to Brightside Academy for preschool.  1. Develop a Solid Foundation For Education Preschool prepares your child in many ways for a life-long pursuit of education. With a solid foundation, they can easily build and grow their academic skills. During the school day, [...]

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What is Healthy Food for Kids?

As a parent, it’s normal to worry when you read signs like meal tantrums, selective feeding, delayed self-feeding, food refusal, and other fussy eating habits in your kid. However, worrying won’t help you or the kid. You need to take immediate steps to ensure that your child eats healthy to promote optimal growth and better immunity. Remember, no child is born with a craving. It’s just a habit that they embrace over time as a result of peer pressure, TV programs, and exposure to unhealthy food choices. Sadly, the latter [...]

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How Long Should Toddlers Sleep?

Normally, most toddlers fall asleep within the first 20 minutes of taking them to bed. However, their sleep duration varies depending on how sleepy they are, sleeping patterns, age, among other factors. Unlike adults, toddlers have interesting sleep patterns. They fall into a deep sleep during the initial hours of the night but experience light sleep episodes and dream sleep episodes during the late hours of the night. As they negotiate the episodes, they are likely to wake up briefly. During the wakeful episodes, the child should ordinarily go back [...]

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