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5 Summer Activities for Parents and Kids

Let’s face it, during the summer, finding options to keep you and the kids entertained and safe outside of screens can be hard. You don’t want them doing something mindless and you have to keep an eye on them, but just watching them can be as mindless for the parent as just watching TV is for them. The trick is to find something you both enjoy, or to find a safe environment where the kid can be a kid, and you can just relax and occasionally check-in.

At the Brightside Academy in Ohio, we know what that’s like, and that’s part of why we do the most to make sure that our students have diverse experiences and opportunities. It wouldn’t be a fun and enriching way to spend our summer either, if we just put your kids in front of a TV or tablet, so we provide a variety of activities, trips, and guests to help keep your child entertained and learning, not only in our pre-k and child care, but in our summer camp as well.

Make the Summer Great for Your Child With Brightside

Whether you live in Akron, Cleveland, Columbus, or Toledo, these are all activities that you and your child can take part in together and ones that we often incorporate in our classes and at our summer camp. All these activities seek to engage your child with senses and concepts they’ve yet to encounter, so they can have a better scope of the world, both in knowledge and understanding.

Music and Dancing 

Music is an important part of any culture, and engaging in it early can be a great way to help teach your child to express themselves. It’s also widely linked to better cognitive development and even memory and organization. Not only that, but it’s great exercise, and can be a benefit to cardiovascular systems in areas without much room to run around. 

Art and Culture Events

Art and culture events are one of the great educational tools that more parents need to take advantage of. While it’s no substitute for better schooling in general, most cities, including our Ohio cities of Akron, Toledo, Cleveland, and Columbus, have free art and culture events going on throughout the summer. These events give kids a chance to explore different foods, history, music, and art forms, and many include volunteers or experts, who may share anything from their music, to their exotic or barnyard animals, or just their knowledge of a craft or industry. At the Brightside Academy, we both go out for these types of events and bring in guests to introduce the children to new things about arts, culture, science, and more.

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Museums are a great way for parents and children to enjoy an A/C cooled day inside when the summer months really heat up. Museums give children another chance to fill in missing pieces of their worldly education. While that may be easy to see, what may be more important is that your child learns why these things are important. Some museums can help educate children on some of our past mistakes and where we come from, while others might help them understand things like, what pollution is doing to the world, what animals are like and do to survive, how music developed, and more. There are many museums in Northern Ohio, especially around Cleveland and Toledo.

The Park

The park is always a great place for kids to have fun and for parents to feel at least a little bit free to relax. Giving the kids an opportunity to participate in free play with other children around the park will help them improve their critical thinking skills, their social skills, emotional regulation, and much more. We can’t stress enough how important traditional play is to a child. It’s something we always make time for at the Brightside Academy.

Summer Camp

Finally, one of the best ways for your child to have a great time this summer and for you to get some time to yourself when you need it, is by enrolling them in summer camp with the Brightside Academy. We’ll help make sure they get activities like the ones you see above and more. Through a variety of activities, attention to every student, and a focus on a positive and nurturing environment, we’ll help your child grow.

Trust the Brightside Academy in Ohio for Summer Camp

If you live in the Northern Ohio cities of Toledo, Cleveland, Columbus, or Akron, then the Brightside Academy wants to be your trusted provider for all your childcare needs. Serving children as young as six weeks and up to 12 years old, we give your child a safe, well-rounded, and positive environment to learn and grow. Enroll with us today!

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